Lagazuoi Lake Pass

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Dear friends,
Last Saturday, on the 13th of August me, Silvia Kostner and 12 guests from the Posta Zirm Hotel left for a hike that is defined for its unusual biodiversity, the Lagazuoi Lake Pass.
This is a hike that stats already with a visual highlight: the views from the Rifugio Lagazuoi are famous and have been photographed by
many adventure and mountain magazines over the past years.
The Lagazuoi is in fact one of the highest Rifugios in the Dolomites and with its proud 2742 m it offers views over many celebrity peaks of the Dolomites! We started walking downhill along the path number 401. The scenery was breathtaking, we were surrounded by steep walls
and silence on an unreal lunar landscape until we reached the Lake Lagazuoi. Deep grey clouds obscuring some peaks gave a real dramatic, gothic effect and incredible depht to it all, of course they also meant rain approaching. The deep blue colour of the Lake Lagazuoi offered our eyes a pleasant relief from the sun reflection on the white, pale rocks. From the lake we could already see what was expecting us next: an incredibly steep ascent through a narrow gorge that from here seemed impenetrable.
But as we started facing it, a well built zig-zag helped us getting to the top without too much hassle (2486 m.).
From here the view was astonishing: we could admire the Lagazuoi on the side we came from and catch a glimpe of the beautiful Fanes Valley on the other side. Slowly we started our descent heading for the Fanes Valley with its peaceful meadows and rivers. As we were all hungry at this point, we started looking for a pic-nic spot where we had time to soak in the atmosphere. Further on we crossed the Fanes Valley where we started our way back.
Once at the Col d’Locia, a heavy descent put our stamina to the test once more.
At the bottom, the minivan took us right back to the Posta Zirm Hotel on time for the afternoon tea!

Lenght: approx. 5 hours
Difficulty level: quite strenuous, some exposed parts

Approximate lenght: 6 hours of walking
Difficulty level: medium, steep ascent at the beginning

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