Climbing the Dolomites

The enchanting peaks of the Dolomites have always been well known to rock-aficionados. Climbers from near and far are captivated by the spell of the so called Monti Pallidi which stands for Pale Mountains.
Walls of white and pink limestone rising steeply to 10,000 feet from green and lush grassland, is quite a spectacular sight.

There is no other mountain range that could be compared to the Dolomites that are in fact characterized by sculptured pinnacles, dramatic weathered rock shapes tinted in ever-changing shades of silver, gold and pink, in short, they seem to have been drawn by an artist’s hand.

Their monumental and aesthetic, bright appearance hides an incredible diversity of jagged crags, steep slopes and is naturally inclined to be a unique playground for climbers.

An infinite variety of routes of all types and grades are at the disposal of those who want to enter the adventure.

The choice is difficult between classic alpinism, sports climbing and the famous and leisurely Vie Ferrate, which are well equipped hiking routes on the rock, some of which were originally used as aid for moving mountain infantry during the First World War.

Those “iron roads” are mountain routes with fixed steel cables, ladders and bridges, this means that walkers and climbers can follow the route without using their own equipment. Climbing along a via ferrata is pure enjoyment and the risks associated with unprotected climbing are reduced to a minimum.

In this way, the most famous peaks of the Dolomites can be conquered not only by expert climber, but also by people with a sense of adventure that are reasonably fit, free from vertigo and sure-footed.

We will be able to advise on the difficulty grade of each via ferrata and consequently recommend the right one for you.

Recommended Climbs:

  • Climbing Via Ferrata Tomaselli
    The Tomaselli, although relatively short, is known for being one of the most difficult and challenging via ferrata in the Dolomites, a route of the highest technical standard that puts to the tests your stamina, ability and mountain experience. In orde...
  • Climbing: Via Ferrata Monte Cavallo
    This equipped trail leads up to probably the most monumental and impressive mountain of the Dolomites in Alta Badia, the Sass dla Crusc which translates into Rock of the Cross. Although the central peak named Monte Cavallo looks totally inaccessible from ...
  • Climbing: Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina
    This very popular Via Ferrata is easily accessible from the village of Corvara as it is situated on the Sella massif, the enormouns block that can be defined as the beating heart of the Dolomites. The Sella Group is a natural playground for hikers and ...