Bolzano: Gateway to the Dolomites



Bolzano is not only the capital of the region South-Tyrol, it is where North and South meet and can be defined as the entranceway to the Dolomites.
While from the city centre you might admire the snow-capped peaks, in the town itself you will probably be able to enjoy a lunch on a terrace surrounded by palms, olive trees and cedars in the Mediterranean sun.

Other Bolzano tourist informations

The centre of the town of Bolzano is defined by a well maintained gothic architecture although the history goes way back to the Roman Empire, when between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD, Bolzano was a strategic point before crossing the Alps.

Bolzano, ideal city to enjoy Dolomites Mountains and the beauty of South-Tyrol

Stroll along the historic Via Portici of Bolzano, the commercial heart of the town, and find yourself brought back hundreds of years. 
The architecture around you shows a collection of gothic arches, some still featuring original frescos. Discover narrow lanes that will eventually end up at the famous fruits and vegetables market, an amazingly colourful square where loud market stand owners will offer their merchandise like once upon a time.

We recommend a visit to the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, where the 5000 years old mummy of the “Iceman” is exposed.