Hiking the Dolomites

Walking through the breath-taking scenery of the Dolomites has been a unique experience for many guests that, since their first experience, keep coming back to our peaks in order to recharge their batteries.
The hikes we recommend vary from the easy and gentle stroll to the more physically demanding excursion up into the high surmounts.

A huge network of more than 400 km of well marked and maintained, safe trails, many reachable by lifts, creates a unique opportunity for everyone to enjoy the Dolomites at close range.
Although some of the peaks reach a considerable height, their soft and approachable shape allows nearly everyone in a healthy shape to see the scenery from the top of the world.

A sensational setting captivates the attention of the spectator: towers of white rock turning pink at sunset, green, lush forests and crystal clear mountain lakes.

Depending on the season, you will find a very different landscape: The springtime will enchant you with an amazing variety of blooming wildflowers, all the paths will be surrounded by colourful pastureland.
And as the days grow warmer, the scent in the air will whisper that the summer has arrived with it’s emerald coloured meadows.

Fall will surprise you with crisp air in the mornings, warm days and fantastic long-distance views to far away peaks. It is the season that brings a splash of colour to all surrounding forests.
During this time you are bound to find many trees turning brilliant golden. And as the days pass by, the first snow-flakes will fall anticipating the coming winter season.

Recommended Hikes:

  • Viel del Pan - Feel the energy of the Marmolada glacier
    Dear guests, On the 9th July six guests from the Posta Zirm Hotel and me, Silvia Kostner, started for a magnificent hike across the Viel del Pan, a path that leads along the Southern ridge of the Padon chain. But while the hike follows a chain of green h...
  • Nuvolau - only flying is better!
    Last Thursday, the 25th August me, Silvia Kostner and 10 guests from the Posta Zirm Hotel took off for the magnificent hike on the Nuvolau. This hike started at the Passo Falzarego that we reached by minibus from the Posta Zirm Hotel, taking first the p...
  • Hiking Puez-Odle National Park
    Dear friends, Yesterday, the 16th August, me Silvia Kostner and 10 brave guests from the Posta Zirm Hotel, decided to take the challenge to explore the unique lunar landscape of the Puez National Park. Starting point of the hike was the Passo Gardena t...
  • Lagazuoi Lake Pass
    Dear friends, Last Saturday, on the 13th of August me, Silvia Kostner and 12 guests from the Posta Zirm Hotel left for a hike that is defined for its unusual biodiversity, the Lagazuoi Lake Pass. This is a hike that stats already with a visual highligh...
  • Sorapis Lake
    Dear friends, Last Wednesday, on the 10th of August me, Silvia Kostner and 20 (!) guests from the Posta Zirm Hotel left for the spectacular, unique scenery and challenging path that was going to take us to on of the hidden jewels of the Dolomites, the...