Relax in the Dolomites

Should you want to take a day off the sports activities, there are plenty of alternatives.

Some of these will take you on short walks in the surroundings of the villages, some will enlighten you on the thousands of years old history of the area and some will take you to the nearby towns for a shopping and relaxing day.

The towns nearby we recommend:

Dolomites Short Walking Routes:

  • Recreational Biotope
    Near the Boe gondola lift station in Corvara, you will find our new creation, the Biotope Lake. You can choose between lying and enjoying the strong mountain sun or follow the botanical path that shows some of the most characteristic flowers and plants...
  • Walks: Pisciadù Waterfalls
    This approximately 3 hours walk starts in Corvara, just at the Boe gondola lift station and it is perfect to get acclimatised to the new surroundings. You will follow the gravel road towards the nearby village of Colfosco through the Borest forest and co...
  • Sompunt Lake Walks
    Starting from Corvara, this gentle and delightful walk takes you along the river Gadera, through the old part of the village La Villa and ends up at the popular Sompunt Lake. All the way you will be surrounded by pine forests, meadows and peacefully graz...